About Us


JINGYAN NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was founded in 2013, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of aqueous batteries, which including the R & D of related electrochemical systems, battery materials, battery structures and manufacturing processes. Since its establishment, it has been supported by Nanjing 321 Talent Plan, invested by Inno Angel Fund, Jiangnan Industrial Cluster of Anhui Province and Zhongzhe Group. The company now has two production and R & D bases in Chizhou, Anhui Province and Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, which master the core technologies related to aqueous battery materials and batteries.

The aqueous battery system successfully developed by the company has the characteristics of safety, reliability and excellent electrochemical performance. It is widely used in power generation side, user side and grid side energy storage applications. In addition to solving the safety problem of energy storage, the product has obvious technical advantages over other electrochemical energy storage in the fields of energy storage in cold regions, high-power frequency modulation and energy storage in charging stations.

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